Saturday, August 22, 2009

The End is Near

I'm talking about my days as a college student. For those of you who don't know, I am graduating from Central Michigan University in December with a Bachelor of Science degree. WOO HOO!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!

When I graduated from high school in 2002 I started at CMU in the fall and lived in the dorms. I partied like a true college student (ok, not all party...) and had tons of fun getting to know my roommates and getting acquainted with college life. Unfortunately, I had a little too much fun and my grades suffered. I cleaned up my act my sophomore year, but it came a little late, and I lost my financial aid. Brian and I were engaged by now (haha...yeah, after only 9 months of dating and only being 19...but that's another story) so I dropped out of school and moved in with Brian. After Brian and I got married in 2004, I started at Delta College where I did very well. 3 Semesters in we decided to move to North Carolina so I dropped out of school again. Fast forward 3 years and it's the fall of 2008, I am a new mom to a baby and starting school again. This time, I took online classes, but they were 8 week semesters instead of the normal 16 week semesters. By doing this, I have been able to get in 2 semesters in each term, including taking 2 summer classes (on campus) at the local community college. Are ya with me? It's a little confusing, but to get to the point, Monday I start my last semester as a college student. For now, anyway.

Tonight I have been printing material for class and have realized that I am really nervous. Of course, I am always nervous the first week or two of a new semester, but this time the pressure is on. If I don't do well I won't graduate. I'm sure I'll do fine, but you get what I'm saying? And classes aren't my only responsibility. Mason is 18 months old now and is about at that point where he is down to one nap a day. The only time I have to do homework and read for class is when he is sleeping.

I still haven't read over the syllabus for each class because I've been so busy PRINTING. One of my classes had a 212 page course pack, another was 180 pages. I have gone through 2 ink cartridges.

As for Weight Watchers, I have been doing pretty well. I haven't been drinking enough water and I've been using too many points on sweets. Those are things I must work on next week.


Carlos said...

endings are scary. power through, it sounds like this is something you've worked hard at and refused to give up on... drink water, just like drinking beer but with less lampshade dancing!

Debby said...

Makes me tired reading it!