Sunday, August 9, 2009

Days 3-7

Obviously I haven’t been keeping up with my daily posts….I spent a long weekend at my mom’s. Let me give you an update:

I stopped counting points on Tuesday. I think knowing that we weren’t planning to count points over the weekend while at my mom’s didn’t help. I did, however, become more mindful of what I was eating. And for not counting points, I didn’t do all that terrible. I even ate some fruit and veggies!

We left late Thursday afternoon, and still hadn’t had lunch. Instead of stopping to get fast food as we planned, I made us (my hubby, Brian and I) sandwiches consisting of lean deli chicken, whole wheat bread, a slice of provolone cheese and mustard. No fat, no mayo, no grease. It was great! We did grab a bag of Doritos from Glen’s before we left, but I didn’t like the flavor we got. It was a new flavor; jalapeño popper….it was too spicy for me and tasted a little stale. Instead of eating them anyway, I stopped after realizing I didn’t care for them. Yay me! I had a yogurt also. We got a pizza from Little Caesars for dinner and I did eat 3 pieces….

On Friday we took my son to the zoo. Anyone who has been to the zoo knows the goodies that can be eaten there…I ate NONE of these things. I did spend $3 on a bottle of water though. Ugh. We didn’t get to the zoo till 1 pm and had lunch before hand….I had a 6 inch turkey and roast beef sub from subway!!! Another yay for me! After the zoo we were wanting a snack…I was craving frozen lemonade but couldn’t find any. Brian really wanted cheeseburgers from White Castle but I wasn’t in the mood for grease. (After smelling them I changed my mind and had one of his little mini cheeseburgers…) I opted for a banana walnut muffin and iced cappuccino from Tim Hortons. Yeah, not very figure friendly, but it could have been a WHOLE lot worse. Dinner that night was even better…grilled chicken and cold sesame noodles and also a half of a cob of corn on the cob.

Saturday was the day Brian and I were leaving Mason with my mom while we went camping to celebrate our anniversary a week late. The weather didn’t cooperate and we just went into the city and did some shopping and saw a movie. We had planned on going out to a nice dinner that night but I was missing my boo boo (my son’s nickname) and my mom had made lasagna. Sounded good to us, so went and had dinner there.

Today it is beyond hot and I have been sweating my ass off all day long. Hot and humid = no appetite for me. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and snacked on some cheezit’s before lunch. We had pizza again….but I stopped eating before I was full.

All in all, I didn’t have the greatest weekend for food, but I am proud of the fact that I never over ate and I didn’t eat anything I didn’t enjoy. For the most part, I also chose healthier options over greasy, fast food. Tomorrow I will remember this and strive to do much better. It’s time to me to stop messing around and commit to a healthier lifestyle.

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Debby said...

OK, for not counting points I think that was an amazing weekeknd! I haven't learned how to eat mindful when I'm not coutning points. I'll have to take a tip from you! WTG!