Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day of Rest

I was supposed to work this morning at 6am. But I was still feeling like crap at 930 last night. Before I went to bed I reluctantly called in...I hate doing that! Especially with such short notice..but I figured it was better that night instead of the next morning. I ended up sleeping off and on from 1030pm-930am. I probably could have slept alot longer, but my hubby was sick too and I wanted him to be able to have a nap before he had to go to work this afternoon.

Mason and I had a rough morning, but after his nap, I felt a little better. I was determined to have a better evening with him, so we set out to Hobby Lobby so I could find some ideas for crafts and projects for him. I had no luck, though. He really wanted to go to the park, so that's where we went next. It was beautiful out today, about 70 and sunny. The fresh air did us good, and afterwards we went to the mall for dinner. My plan was to go to Subway and get a sub. Little did I know, there was no longer a Subway in the mall. There was a Charley's Grilled Sub shop. I did the best I could. I got a grilled turkey and cheese sub...and yes, I did get fries. I was planning to count the points. I didn't have any dressing on the sub, it was just turkey, lettuce, and barely any cheese. I got gypped on the cheese, but kind of glad I did. I also didn't eat all the fries. I could have done better, but I think I did well given the circumstances. Mason ate well, and since he was so well behaved at the other stores we went to, I rewared him with a small root beer. He was super excited. We went to Old Navy where I found him an adorable Halloween costume. He even picked it out! I gave him the choice between a Giraffe, Monkey, or Tiger. He picked the Tiger. He's gonna be so cute!

After he went to bed, I put my food into my online points calculator and I ended up using some Flex points. But I think I'm ok with that! :)

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