Thursday, October 16, 2008

Uncle John's Cider Mill

I try to think of clever titles for my blogs but my brain is a little too preoccupied for such thinking.

Uncle John's Cider Mill for those who aren't familiar, is a family owned and operated, well...cider mill. They make their own cider, donuts and other sweet treats. There are hayrides, pumpkin picking, wine tasting and a haunted house (I think there's one anyway..) It's fun and a great family oriented activity.

Since living in Houghton Lake we're far from other family and friends, so whenever possible we try to get together with them when we're nearby. My brother and sister in-law Jason and Deanna are meeting us there and bringing their son (my nephew) Cole with them. I just love it when Mason gets to spend time with his cousin. He doesn't get to spend time with other babies his age, so it's good for him...anyway....we're all meeting tomorrow afternoon at Uncle John's. We are going to dress the boys up in their halloween costumes that Jason picked up and take some pictures amongst the haystacks and'll be cute!!

We'll stop for lunch in Mt. Pleasant and meet up with everyone later in the afternoon. Stay tuned for pictures of Mason in his adorable costume :)

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