Sunday, October 12, 2008

If at first you don't succeed.....

Toddlers with their mommys. That's what I was looking for today when I took Mason for a walk to the park. Every so often (ok, more often than not) I start to feel a little lonely when Brian is at work and sometimes it gets bad enough where I wallow in self-pity for awhile. Today was one of those days. But instead of wallowing, I decided I would take Mason for a walk to the park which is maybe a mile down the road. I was hoping to find other moms there with their kids. I didn't care how old their kids were, I am just DESPERATE to make some friends around here.

After feeding Mason his lunch, I stuck him in his walker, put him in front of the bathroom door and took a shower. Since Mason was born, I don't take a shower on a regular basis. Yes, that sounds gross, but I don't always have time and when I do Mason will fuss. So anyway, I am thinking that since I am on my way to possibly meet a new friend or friends, I determine that I should look nice. I wouldn't want to give anyone the wrong I'm a sleep-deprived, lonely, pitiful stay at home mom or something. Ha! I blow dry my hair, put on some makeup and stick Mason in his stroller. Off we go to the park.

As we approached the park I saw a few cars which got me excited and hopeful for other mommy's. The first woman I see looks like she just rolled out of bed and brought her kids here. She didn't even have any shoes on. Brave, I thought. I came to impress. What was I thinking. I do a once around the playground and the only other people I see are probably late 30's or so and their kids a bit older. I sat on a bench with Mason to let him watch the other kids, hoping maybe one of the other women, or even the men would start conversation. No one even looked our way, even as we sat on the bench next to some of them. Sigh. All that getting ready for nothing. And I'm hot and sweaty from the 80 degree weather we're having. After pushing Mason in the little baby swing for a while and going down the slide with him, I decide to go home. That's what everyone else had done, afterall.

Maybe next time.


Debby said...

Perphaps some Sunday, if your husband didn't have to work, you could load up and try the Wesleyan church where you got married. I'm pretty sure there are a few young families that attend there. The pastor is cool at least! The neighbors go there so you'd get a lovely welcome if nothing else. I think one of the boys that Brian went to school with goes there. He's married and has small children. I'm sure they're not the only young couple. It definitely takes time to meet people in a small town. That might be a good first step.

Mason's Mommy said...

I just might try that! I think I'd feel more comfortable there than at the catholic church.